In the fall of 1972 I took a walk one day to acquaint myself with...

In the fall of 1972 I took a walk one day to acquaint myself with the section of the United States city where I was then living. (At the time, I was a visiting professor at one of the city's universities.) On the way back to my apartment I stopped at a Christian Science Reading Room to look at the display in the window—an open copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. I read a bit and then went inside. Before I left, the Reading Room librarian offered me two copies of pamphlets on Christian Science, which I took. But I guess I didn't think much more about them because when I got home, I just put them in one corner of my suitcase.

Some time after that—and for no apparent reason—I began to get very weak. A friend persuaded me to see a doctor which I did, but this did not seem to help; I did not feel any better. When I moved to New York City, a short time later, the situation worsened. I had lost a lot of weight by then and felt so weak that I was unable to climb the stairs from one floor to the next. I went to see a doctor again, and this time the examination showed that my blood pressure was high and my blood sugar was low. The doctor urged me to have a complete set of tests in a hospital. However, I could not afford to pay for such an examination at that time, so I just stayed indoors and spent much time in bed. Because I could not sleep, I became worried and nervous. It was during this period of frustration and depression that I began to read the pamphlets I'd stuffed away in my suitcase. The spiritual truths I glimpsed while reading were a great light to me and gave my heart peace. In a few minutes I was able to go to sleep. Later, when I woke up, I was filled with joy and hope.

April 27, 1981

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