A reasoned critique of Christian Science

Too often when one reads descriptions of Christian Science in the popular press, the only item that receives considerable attention is the speculation that it teaches the power of the human mind to change the physical body and, potentially, to control the whole of human life. What a mistake. And what a triumph for materialism and blind egotism if the spiritual and moral breakthroughs of Christian Science could simply be reduced to yet another mental method for gaining personal control over the world!

It is as if materialism and self-centeredness have gained such widespread acceptance that the only criterion left to evaluate anything is this single question: Will this new discovery guarantee the fulfillment of my personal ambition and desires? In this context, healing becomes synonymous with mere pleasure, ease, and lack of pain in matter and departs from its essential Christian meaning as an invigorating restoration that impels further moral and spiritual growth.

Better seeing
April 27, 1981

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