Allison gets her answer

Allison and her big sister, Kimberley, had been going to a Christian Science Sunday School for as long as they could remember. They especially liked to sing hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal, for the songs made both girls feel loved and safe, and the truths in the hymns had healed them many times.

But when Allison was about eight years old, she began to wonder if God was real or if God was just invented by grown-ups. She started to ask questions like, "If I can't see God, how do I know that there really is a God?" She asked her mother, her Sunday School teacher, her grandma, and her aunt. They all told her, each in a different way, that we know God is real because we can feel the warm care of His love and see the power of His truth in healing. But right then the answers they gave just sounded to Allison like a lot of words. She was not at all satisfied and kept asking questions.

God's thoughts
April 27, 1981

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