Christian Science entered my life soon after the First World War...

Christian Science entered my life soon after the First World War. I was nineteen and enjoyed a year of Christian Science Sunday School. During that year, while in the countryside with friends, I suddenly realized I was sitting in a patch of poison ivy. Before this I'd suffered a severe reaction to the plant. But now, using my new-found understanding of Science, I denied that it had power to harm me. I affirmed that "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good" (Gen. 1:31). This meant that there had never been a provision for poison in God's perfect creation. No evidence of ivy poisoning developed on my body. And years later, on two occasions, I handled the plant while gardening, with no ill effects.

Another time, while I was trying force a window open, my hand smashed through the glass and my wrist bled profusely. I called a practitioner and told her I might have severed a vein. I also mentioned there was a large open wound in the wrist. She assured me she would pray for me. The bleeding stopped, and the wound knitted together nicely. A few days later a visiting relative, who was a doctor, noticed my wrist and remarked, "My, that's a fine piece of surgery you have there. Who was the surgeon?" How grateful I was to tell him it was God alone.

April 27, 1981

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