Heredity: God's law versus human theory

Today's geneticists are not the first to have pondered the question of what has been handed down from previous generations. It wasn't unusual for people in Bible times to wonder about man's makeup. Nor was it unusual for their thoughts to turn to God when considering such questions of inheritance.

Today's researchers may find it hard to resist the theory that genes determine who and what we are. But we can let the Psalmist signal for us a radically different assessment when he says of God, "He shall choose our inheritance for us . . . ."  Ps. 47:4. God, not genes, determines man's real makeup because in reality man is God's spiritual idea, not a material being. Such a statement is a spiritually scientific fact; it could be described as the divine law of true heredity. God, Spirit, is the source of man's whole and eternal being. Ultimately we'll demonstrate the fact that real substance is entirely spiritual; we'll prove that every facet of genuine identity originates in God's goodness and is permanently sustained by divine Life.

BIBLE NOTES Pullout Section
April 27, 1981

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