Health maintained the scientific way

Newspaper and magazine readers are coming across this kind of statement more and more frequently: "Most people know now that the health of a population is not primarily related to its medical care. Having many doctors and hospitals does not necessarily make people healthy. A healthy population is more likely one in which people do not get sick in the first place, rather than get sick and then better." The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 1980;

We tend not to be sick in the first place when we realize what health really is and understand what disease claims to be and do. Disease prevention comes out of health affirmation based on spiritual understanding. It comes from denying that our mentality, or anyone's, is mortal and based on or derived from matter; and acknowledging spiritual consciousness as ours and everyone's. We care for ourselves best by realizing that divine Love, God, cares for its own idea infallibly. And eternally.

Through Christian Science we look at life not from the perspective of a mortal subject to health threats but as God's immortal idea, man. We see the wholeness, painlessness, and diseaselessness of true being, our true being. What we see spiritually is illustrated humanly in our lives.

BIBLE NOTES Pullout Section
September 29, 1980

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