Replacing confusion with calm

Whatever the distractions or excitements of the day—a hard time with children, a sharp exchange between husband and wife, a shock from unexpected news—we can experience right now the moment of peace we feel we need. And moments can lengthen into permanent peace of mind if we perceive that this is a product of understanding man's relationship to God. Inner security, then, when it's spiritually established, is not something that can be lost.

A Christian Scientist learns that Mind is synonymous with God, and that man in his actual being is a compound idea of the divine Mind. This Mind is infinite consciousness, and man can be conscious only of what the divine Mind, God, already knows. Since God is good and knows only good, man can therefore also be conscious only of good. In this infinite intelligence and its individualized reflection, man, nothing exists that could interrupt Mind's unbroken harmony. Peace eternally characterizes the relationship of God and His ideas.

Something can be done about the weather
August 11, 1980

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