Grappling with new thoughts

Beliefs. Opinions. Speculations. Predictions. These swirl around (even batter, we may often feel) the average citizen in a modern society with its intense network of communications. Sometimes it is tempting just to switch off, metaphorically as well as literally, for some peace. And we occasionally need to. But we definitely should not consistently avoid grappling with the thoughts and views that are important to the spiritual and moral health of our family, community, and nation.

To be spiritually and intellectually active takes effort. But the more we make the effort, the better we become at appreciating the significance—positive or negative—of new thoughts, then accepting or rejecting them. The Christian Scientist cannot sidestep the demand to be mentally energetic. The Scientist, more than others, accepts the primacy of thoughts—good thoughts—in initiating right action, in maintaining health, in healing.

Appreciating complexity
April 7, 1980

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