More meaningful healings

Healings, brought about as a result of prayer, are meaningful to any of us. But exactly what do such healings mean? Often they mean we are free from pain or fear or lack. And we are usually grateful for that—at least we certainly should be. But sometimes the attention we focus on freedom from material discord overshadows the most important aspect of the healing. There's a point here worth considering: better recognizing and appreciating the spiritual truths that underlie the physical change.

Scientific prayer—that is, prayer based on fixed eternal truths of God and man—brings clarity to our view of reality. Discords in our life are graphic pictures of erring mortal thought. These discords are distorted views of true, harmonious being. Harmony is the law of God. True prayer initiates a conversion in consciousness. Temporary, erring thoughts drop from view, and Christ brings to the fore divine harmony, pure spiritual thoughts.

Love prepares the table
September 10, 1979

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