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Seeing the real man

Healing in Christian Science is the result of seeing man as he is.

Christianity: a provable Science

A woman's attention was arrested by a sign announcing a Christian Science lecture.

"There shall no evil befall thee..."

God's promise will all plagues devour,calm the stormiest night,celebrate heraldic dawnwith joy of victory's delight.

Love heals "in-law-ism"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we included in our preparation for marriage deep, sincere prayer to live love with every new family member?

Conviction and Christ-healing

Christ Jesus knew God, good, to be all-powerful and ever present.

The redhead on the bus

I boarded a crowded city bus.

Run a straight race

George hurriedly double-knotted the laces of his running shoes and jogged out of the gym.

To be a modern prophet

What a lot of mistakes would be avoided if we saw further ahead!

Understanding life and death

Many people are fascinated with death.
Testimony of Healing

It was the first day of vacation from school

It was the first day of vacation from school.
Testimony of Healing
This is a testimony of gratitude for Christian Science and especially for the Christian Science Sunday School.
Testimony of Healing

Every week I go to the swimming club

Every week I go to the swimming club.
Testimony of Healing
In 1947 I mentioned to a woman I met on a journey that I was searching for a new view on which to base my life.
Spanish-speaking students of Christian Science will find this pamphlet a helpful guide in seeking a deeper understanding of God and His healing power.

Letters to the Press

The Virginia Churchman Richmond, Virginia
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