Seven years ago I went into the general contracting business

Seven years ago I went into the general contracting business. I knew that in order for this new business to be a success it was imperative that it have a firm foundation of ethics and operate upon precepts of Principle.

Things worked out well until a time came when I had finished a job and began to look for another to bid. I searched for weeks before I was invited to bid on a service station to be built locally. I picked up the plans and specifications and began to prepare my bid when I was contacted by the owners. They informed me that the successful bidder would have an opportunity to contract to build a second service station at another nearby location. This, to me, was very good news—a two-for-one proposition. I continued to compile my bid with a renewed determination and hope. In the meantime I called a Christian Science practitioner to tell him of the good news, and to ask him for prayerful support. I wanted everyone involved to be blessed—whether I was awarded the contract or not. Finally I submitted my bid, and was later notified that I was not the successful bidder. This was quite disturbing to me. Momentarily, I forgot my prayerful approach. I thought that I just had to have a job, this job; I was unemployed!

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April 3, 1978

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