Challenge the Symptoms

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going pleasantly, a physical problem suddenly appears. We may then become so preoccupied with it that our normal activities come to a halt. We may be so alarmed we're tempted to examine the symptoms and diagnose the problem as though we actually lived in a material body that is independent of thought and capable of originating both good and evil. The beauty and harmony of being may seem quite remote. What can we do?

We can always turn wholeheartedly to God, as we are guided to do by the Bible, acknowledging Him as the only power, the only cause and creator, and man as His image and likeness. Just as children turn to their parents with confidence in their love and protection, we can confidently turn to our Father-Mother God, divine Love. We can prayerfully rejoice in His omnipresence and omnipotence and assert our inseparable unity with the divine Principle of all being. God is wholly good, and that which He creates, including man, must be good. God is Spirit, Mind, incorporeal substance, and man is His eternally harmonious spiritual idea.

Overflowing Good
June 14, 1975

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