Buoyant Adjustment to Change

I had had my hair done by the same beauty operator for a number of years. While having a permanent wave, I noticed that the length of time required for the wave to take was considerably longer than in years past, when great care had to be exercised not to overwave it. Commenting on this, I asked if stubbornness was a quality of the incoming gray hairs.

The beautician perceptively quipped, "Yes. It resists change." She was, of course, knowingly referring not only to stubborn hair but to one of the most tenacious beliefs about people of advancing years—that they begin to resist any change of old, familiar patterns. This material belief must be dealt with spiritually, or else it is very likely to be expressed in one's experience without his even realizing it.

Are We Prisoners of Our Past?
March 10, 1973

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