Our Place in the History of War

With what the world is seeing in Vietnam, opposition to war is becoming more intense. How will history books of the future record today's happenings? Will they say that mankind began now to understand the cause of war and to overcome it? And will we have a place in that beginning?

People like Abraham, Moses, David, and Elijah were motivated by one spiritual idea. Each in his time worked to bring the level of human thinking a little closer to the divine idea that inspired him. Christ Jesus exemplified this idea in his life and teachings, and his disciples spread its truths. Mrs. Eddy has finally revealed this spiritual idea, the Christ or Truth, the perfect identity of every individual. In this true identity man is seen as God's immortal idea. He has no wars.

The belief in mortal, material life is powerless. Yet unless we know this, we may think that a man can be killed by material means and that a purpose can be served by such killing. But Christian Science shows us that the mental force that moves someone to do good or evil is not in his material body but in consciousness. Whatever motivates consciousness at a particular moment goes on, whether the person carrying the banner appears to live or to die.

August 28, 1971

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