In nearly every facet of our lives preparation is requisite for excellence. We prepare for examinations, condition ourselves for sports, ready ourselves for graduation, marriage, and all the other et ceteras of human experience. Preparation is basic to right performance. It is basic to the practice of Christian Science.

Imagine, for a moment, standing in the brilliant sunlight. Light is everywhere. Everything is immersed in it. It fills all space. Then a faint voice says, "Here I am. I'm darkness!" Would you accept the presence of darkness in the face of all this light, its magnitude and brilliance? Obviously not. Just so, as we recognize the whole of true being as God's creation and see everything as entirely of Him, bathed in His light, His atmosphere of health and goodness, we are prepared to reject any suggestions of evil, no matter how plausible their arguments try to be.

A Change of Heart
September 20, 1969

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