Cancers cured through treatment in Christian Science

About thirteen years ago my mother was suffering from a nervous condition of a most alarming nature. Medicine and the efforts of numerous doctors were to no avail. She was growing steadily worse when a friend recommended that we take my mother to a Christian Science practitioner. We were led to a truly loving and consecrated person, and my mother showed great improvement after one treatment. The next day, after the second treatment, she was healed completely and experienced many years of good health, freedom, and joy.

Another outstanding healing in our family took place over three years ago. My husband's father, who lives in another city, became very ill and was given a thorough examination by a highly reputable physician, who said he was suffering from cancers. He was told he could not live for more than six months. The family knew nothing about Christian Science, but when I recommended that this loved one have treatment by a practitioner, they welcomed the idea with gratitude. Absent treatment was given, and in about six weeks he was completely healed and resumed his regular duties on a farm. He has had no return of any symptoms of the trouble. Not only was he healed physically, but from the work which was done for him he experienced a wonderful spiritual awakening and was truly "born again."

Testimony of Healing
Needed spiritual awakening comes with protracted healing
February 5, 1949

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