Ceasing from Idolatry

The very name "God" inspires reverence in the thoughts of most people, because to Him are properly ascribed all wisdom and all power. However, mankind often mistakes what constitutes the divine nature. Christ Jesus understood the divine nature, and his wonderful works proved the correctness of his understanding. He said (John 4:24), "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." Deity is Spirit, and we worship God aright only as we understand Him. Jesus' interpretation of God as Spirit and All made no allowance for any reality that is not spiritual and Godlike.

Jesus understood that the flesh and all things material are without reality, and he proved that all so-called material knowledge, laws, and forces are impotent before the power of Spirit. His followers were able to emulate his wonderful works as long as they held steadfastly to the spiritual truths he taught, and worshiped Spirit. But when apathy and the desire for a less exacting way of worship allowed ritual and creed to replace spiritual activity, then the truth of being was lost sight of and the wondrous proofs of God's power ceased to appear. When the crucifixion of Jesus occupied the thought of his professed followers more than did the vision of the Christ which he demonstrated to be man's true nature, matter blotted out Spirit in their concept of man's being, and spiritual understanding, with its glorious effects of the healing of sin, disease, and death, was lost to mankind.

April 26, 1947

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