Man Is Ageless

An employment manager in a large organization once said that he estimated a person's age, regardless of years, by the flexibility evident in his or her thinking. If one had what he termed "congealed opinions," he adjudged him old no matter what the record of years might be; and contrariwise, if one showed qualities of flexibility in thinking, he considered him young in spite of the record of years. The glimmer of truth in this line of thought should aid mortals to see that the common beliefs on the subject of old age are only superstitions.

Christian Science, which has revolutionized human thinking about so many subjects of interest to mankind, is teaching men to meet the suggestions attending the belief of old age with a prompt denial, based on some understanding of the fact that man's life is spiritual and is the outcome of Spirit, God. One of the first things a student of this Science learns is the fact that man is inseparable from God. Mortal opinion may have educated him to believe in a false concept of man, so that he has thought of himself as apart from God, as having been born into matter and as dying out of it; as experiencing immaturity, a temporary sense of vigor and accomplishment, and then debility and decay.

How Great Is Our Trust?
October 19, 1946

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