During the years we have been studying Christian Science...

During the years we have been studying Christian Science we have had many beautiful healings in our family, of sickness, sorrow, and accident, and have learned that it is God that "healeth all thy diseases." Many people recognize that Christian Science heals many so-called chronic disorders, but I desire to testify to an incident that demonstrates its availability and efficacy in other instances.

During July, 1928, my family were enjoying a camping trip on Spavinaw Creek, a hundred miles from home. Late one evening our nine-year-old son in carrying a twenty-two caliber rifle carelessly placed the muzzle of the gun on top of his bare foot and accidentally discharged it, the ball passing entirely through his foot at the thickest part. The wound was badly powder-burned, both top and bottom. He immediately asked for the Bible, and said he did not want any doctor. We began to break camp; and some of our neighbors, seeing the activity, came over, and, not being Scientists, were very much alarmed and envisioned all of the terrible things usually associated with a wound of this sort. We drove home, a hundred miles, that night; and about nine o'clock the next morning procured the help of a Christian Science practitioner. Each and every ugly manifestation of error was met as it appeared, and the healing was complete in a short time, leaving only a small scar on the top and bottom of the foot to indicate which foot had been injured. The only material application of any sort used was in cleansing the outside of the foot of the discharge from the wound once a day.

Testimony of Healing
People who know nothing of Christian Science sometimes...
September 20, 1930

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