In Article VIII, Section 24 of the Manual of The Mother Church...

In Article VIII, Section 24 of the Manual of The Mother Church, our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, says: "Testimony in regard to the healing of the sick is highly important. More than a mere rehearsal of blessings, it scales the pinnacle of praise and illustrates the demonstration of Christ, 'who healeth all thy diseases' (Psalm 103:3)." During nearly thirty years I only entered a church edifice twice to hear a sermon preached and I was so bitterly antagonistic toward religion and the Bible that I would not discuss the subject with any one, and as the years rolled on the more bitter I became.

In the early fall of 1915 I called at a certain house in this city on business, as I had done regularly every Thursday noon for two or three months. On this occasion, while seated on the porch waiting for my business to be attended to, I saw a paper lying on a chair close to me. I picked it up and read, "The Christian Science Monitor." That was the first time I knew of any such publication. Curiosity led me to glance through it, and I left the house with that paper. After a careful perusal of its contents, I was convinced that an organization that could publish a newspaper of such a standard of excellence was worth investigating. In a short time the same person who had given the Monitor lent me the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I did not want it for any healing,—I didn't think I was in need of any; nor for any fear or alarm I had about the future. The future did not interest me in the slightest. It was the present, the now, that worried me. It was the logic of the Christian Science teachings I wanted to know, and my first reading of that book was a revelation to me. I immediately realized that it was unfolding the truth to me, and the dormant energies within me were startled into activity, and I gladly accepted it. I found it the Key unmasking the false conceptions I had of God, and of his supposed visitations of punishment to man, the results of the denominational teachings of my youth and young manhood, teachings that made me denounce religions of all creeds before I was twenty-five years of age.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express through the Sentinel my sincere gratitude...
January 21, 1922

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