When the Christian Scientist speaks of demonstration, just what does he mean? This is a very natural question, and if put with an earnest and sincere desire to know the truth, it is entitled to an answer. A dictionary defines the word demonstration thus: "Proof, or such evidence of facts and arguments as precludes denial or reasonable doubt," and this is exactly what it means in the practice of Christian Science. Demonstration, then, means the application of the rule to some life problem and the finding of the right solution, giving positive proof of its efficacy. Applying the rule has absolutely nothing whatever to do with will power. It is most decidedly not outlining a certain result and then concentrating one's thought in the effort to bring this desired result to pass. This would be using the so-called power of human mind, and such a method is entirely foreign and antagonistic to Christian Science.

In reality every demonstration is an overcoming of some belief in a mortal selfhood, and not a looking for something specific to come to pass. Demonstrating the presence of health, for instance, is not the healing of a material body, but is the overcoming of all belief in materiality and the Scientific understanding of what constitutes both man and health. Since God, divine Mind, is the only creator, the logical reasoning is that the only true man there is was created by Him. Health is an attribute of Mind, and the suppositional opposite calling itself ill health does not exist in Mind or man. Therefore the demonstration of health is not the effort to rid one's self of the beliefs of pains or disease and a looking for their disappearance, but is the lifting of thought to the contemplation of what God is and of man made in His image and likeness. Thus dawns the realization that health is man's inherent right, and spontaneously the dream of ill health, pain, or disease vanishes. This is demonstration. Such reasonable evidence or proof has been given as to preclude any denial or reasonable doubt. The looker-on who does not understand Christian Science wonders how the change has come about. How have the discordant conditions so miraculously disappeared? Of course what has happened is that a belief of mortal selfhood has been overcome and replaced by the understanding of what constitutes real selfhood.

Mind Your Own Business
July 2, 1921

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