The Search for Health

"I AM come," said Jesus, "that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." Truly, abundant life is what we need to-day, and not life hedged about by unjust, terrifying physical laws, nor dependent upon physical organs, not life threatened, blighted, and overcome by a multitude of ever increasing diseases. The great need of mankind is Truth. In innumerable ways everywhere men are searching for health and life which can only be found through a knowledge of Truth. We find compulsory health laws, medical inspection of school children and factory employees, health crusades among the children to teach them what hygienic rules to follow in order to be well. Newspapers have their daily health columns. Colleges have introduced compulsory health courses. In spite of all this, recent inspectors have pronounced fifty per cent of the school children abnormal. Army test showed appalling physical defects among the soldiers. With this as an excuse an ever increasing health program is being urged upon the public, and men's thoughts are being turned continually toward disease and fear instead of health and dominion.

Have not men been looking in the wrong direction for health and life? In looking to the body for health and life they have found only pain, disease, imperfection, and death. Indeed it would be well if men would turn from the study of the human body, of diseases, of material remedies and precautions to the greatest healer of all time, Christ Jesus, and learn of him. Jesus paid no attention to the mechanism of the human body; he never diagnosed disease, never laid down health laws, never in the slightest degree gave heed to material laws. In fact, he set aside material laws in a most startling manner. Christian Science brings men back to Jesus' method of healing. It teaches them to believe his promises and to do the works that he did, to find in the Bible not only spiritual regeneration, but physical as well.

"The beginning of wisdom"
May 28, 1921

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