Good Alone Is Real

IT is sometimes surprising, even to the student of Christian Science, to find how belief in the reality of both good and evil permeates human thinking, even in what are considered its best aspects. Men and women who are earnestly desirous of helping their fellow creatures and alleviating the suffering around them, handicap their efforts through a fixed and illogical belief in the reality and divine permission of the evil which they are attempting to destroy.

Another curious illusion of the human mind is the belief that personal experience of sickness or sorrow is helpful, if not positively essential in order to be able to help others to be healthy and happy. A remark recently made to the writer to the effect that a man could only learn through suffering how to help and cheer his fellow man, showed how much reason we have for gratitude to Christian Science for an understanding of what happiness is, and how it can be realized here and now. Any erroneous statement made is only an opportunity for knowing the true fact, and it was gratefully realized, in the instance alluded to, that the man who best helps his fellow man is he who knows most about God. He is also the happiest man, for he is daily proving, in healing sorrow, sickness, and sin, that Spirit, divine Mind, is the only creator, and man in the image and likeness of Spirit reflects infinite Life, Truth, and Love, and therefore is spiritual, deathless, perfect. For the one demonstrating this glorious truth there can be nothing but rejoicing.

April 16, 1921

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