Having been brought up from childhood as an agnostic,...

Having been brought up from childhood as an agnostic, I came to Christian Science with an open mind, and found the living truth in spite of, or perhaps because of, an education intended to prevent me from accepting any form of religion. I was trained in logic and taught to accept nothing that could not be proved, and the Bible was only familiar to me as an example of wonderful literature. As I was left motherless when very young, there was no influence to counteract this teaching, and yet in spite of all, I had a very strong instinctive faith that God did exist, and when I grew up I used to wish that I could believe the teachings of Christianity, but they seemed to me too inconsistent, and I could not find any proof of God's existence in nay of the denominational churches. I arrived at definite proof of God's existence through several remarkable answers to prayer, though I was perplexed to find that there seemed no rule to follow, and that sometimes prayer brought no result. When Christian Science was brought to my notice, I began to weight its truths and to try to prove them, just as I had been taught to do with everything; and, somewhat to my surprise, I found that it worked; that if I faithfully applied the rules in an honest attempt to prove them, the right result followed. Mrs. Eddy tells us in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 327) that "reason is the most active human faculty," and certainly it was reason, and not sentiment nor even great need, that brought me to accept Christian Science. Then I found I could accept Christianity after all, since the understanding of the Bible which Christian Science brings revealed the teachings of Jesus the Christ as demonstrable law, and reason was satisfied. I am truly grateful that it was apparent to me from the start that if Christian Science was true it was the only thing worth striving for and would in time redeem the world from sin and suffering.

For eight years Christian Science has met my every need, and each year brings greater courage and liberty and joy. I have, of course, had many physical proofs of the healing power of Truth. On one occasion, a badly sprained shoulder was perfectly cured by my reading Science and Health for half an hour; another time a bad attack of what seemed like pleurisy, which I had once before suffered from before I knew of Christian Science, was overcome in one night with Christian Science treatment, and on two occasions I had cavities in my teeth filled without any pain, though in each case the dentist said there would be great pain.

Signs of the Times
February 26, 1921

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