I have been a student of Christian Science for about ten...

I have been a student of Christian Science for about ten years, and I wish to express gratitude for the many, many blessings which have come to me and my household during this time. Some of the physical diseases healed were of long standing, others were called incurable, and still others were due to a belief in heredity. These included tubercular conditions, enlarged throat glands, pneumonia, and smallpox; other minor ones have become so dim in memory that I scarcely recall them. Most of these conditions were overcome in one treatment; in fact, I do not recall having more than one treatment for any of the above-mentioned healings. Some were met without a practitioner's aid. It was much more difficult for me to learn to know God as the source of supply. This took constant and earnest work, but I am very thankful it did. After losing what were then possessions to me, I was forced to turn to God; it was His opportunity. Through this testing time, I learned that God answers all prayers, if we pray aright. That for which I am most grateful is the constant unfoldment of good, which is coming to me and mine each hour of the day. These blessings come in the home, in business,—wherever we are we can claim this direction, guidance, and protection of the one Mind. It is our rightful inheritance.

A recent demonstration is cause for great gratitude, because it has shown me that I am learning to ignore sense testimony. When feeding the canary one morning I noticed the cage did not hang securely, but I did not fix it. Later in the day the cage fell, pinning the bird beneath it with a wire across its neck. I declared the truth before I reached the cage, but when I picked up the bird it was gasping and limp. I continued to work as we are taught in Christian Science, and before long the little head raised; soon the bird was in the cage, and the next day was singing merrily as usual. A few days before this I had asked myself would I be able to stand calmly in meeting a belief of death. I did not acknowledge the belief in connection with the bird. God as Life, and idea as expressing Life, was all that came to me. That I am learning to know God is cause for greater gratitude than I can find words to express. Works only can testify to the gratitude felt.—(Mrs.) Frances D. Webb, San Francisco, California.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart full of gratitude that I am writing...
January 15, 1921

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