I would like to tell the world through the Sentinel what...

I would like to tell the world through the Sentinel what Christian Science has done for me and my baby. At the age of six months a serious intestinal trouble set in, for which I doctored one year with three prominent doctors in my home city, during which time the baby suffered intensely and got no better but gradually grew worse. Then I took her to a renowned specialist in San Francisco, who had her in the hospital one month. He diagnosed the trouble as bacteria in the intestines. He said he thought he could bring her through, but during the fourth week in the hospital the assistant doctor told me three times not to build my hopes too high, and two days before I brought her home the doctor told me she would have to remain in the hospital for six months. She went through the most severe treatment, and suffered untold pain. When I had reached the limit of mental endurance and could not see my baby tortured any longer I told the doctor I would take her home, that her life was not worth all she was going through, and that I would bury her rather than see her suffer in that way another day. I talked it over with my husband and asked him if we should try Christian Science, since baby was to die, and he said, "Yes; try anything."

I went with very little hope in my heart to a near-by practitioner and there received encouragement and hope. Next morning my husband and I brought the baby home. She was nineteen months old, and weighed only thirteen pounds. The doctor had given me a very strict diet to follow, which I disregarded from the moment I got her home. The practitioner called for ten days, during which time the baby gained in strength, in spirits, and in weight; also her appetite returned and I fed her everything a baby of her age should eat.

October 16, 1920

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