Five years ago last March I received a most wonderful...

Five years ago last March I received a most wonderful and beautiful healing of neuritis, through the application of Christian Science. For a number of years previous to this time I had spent large sums of money trying to find relief through materia medica and surgery, including an examination by specialists, who told me there was no hope. After leaving them I lay in bed six months and found that I was growing worse all the time—physically, mentally, and financially.

On the afternoon of March 23, 1916, I was advised by a business friend to try Christian Science as a last resort. After a few hours' consideration, with no other desire than to get physical relief, I invited a practitioner to come to my home. In less than thirty-six hours after the practitioner came to my bedside and explained to me that God is Love and that God was not responsible for my being down in bed in pain and sickness, I began to experience a peace of mind that I could not explain to myself or my family. In four days, with some little difficulty, I began to get out of bed, where I had been for eight weeks. In twelve days my wife wheeled me a distance of four blocks, where I superintended the closing out of a small grocery stock. In a few weeks I went to my summer's work, which meant standing on my feet sixteen to seventeen hours each day for ninety-six days. At the end of that time I was completely healed of a disease that a few months before was pronounced incurable by the best known surgeons in the United States.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to express my gratitude for the help I have...
October 16, 1920

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