Filled with gratitude I wish to relate an experience...

Filled with gratitude I wish to relate an experience, passed through during the severe warring time, which gave me a clearer knowledge of the truth. I was employed in a place where war material was being made. We had long working hours and did not have a Sunday off. As I was living alone I had no one to secure my provisions for me; consequently, there was finally nothing left, and want became manifest. As I had always been modest in expressing my wants and desires I gave this matter no thought; I neglected to work for it mentally, thinking only of the great spiritual treasures and the never failing source of supply, our Father-Mother God. During the following winter we had nothing but turnips to eat. I had no relatives living out in the country nor any other means of securing more nutritious food from that source, and began to feel very miserable, my stomach failed me, and I suffered greatly without knowing the real reason. I was obliged to remain at home and consult a sick benefit doctor, this being compulsory. In the evening my sister would bring me my provisions.

One evening she found me almost lifeless. I had retired the night before and had not awakened, and, as she was not a Scientist, she became very much frightened and called all the residents of the house together. They tried everything possible, but could not awaken me. Then she called a physician. The sick benefit doctor could not come as he was engaged, for it was during the influenza epidemic in October, 1918. The doctor's efforts were in vain; I lay there with open eyes without seeing or hearing anything. He then told them to allow me to lie there quietly, for he considered help in vain. My dear sister, who did want me to remain with her, tried repeatedly to awaken me; but the doctor admonished her, telling her she should not begrudge me the rest. Then he asked my niece if the sick benefit doctor had not prescribed any medicine for me. I heard her answer plainly, "My aunt is a Christian Scientist and does not take any medicine." Nothing had before succeeded in awakening me, but the words "Christian Scientist" did it. I opened my mouth to take nourishment and gradually came to. With the help of a dear friend I soon recovered.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to tell the world through the Sentinel what...
October 16, 1920

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