What Christian Science teaches must unfold eternally because it is infinite in its import. It need not seem strange, then, if one finds himself questioning frequently the statements of divine metaphysics, as he begins the study, for Christian Science teaches nothing less than the entirety of infinite Principle. For every right question, it has the right answer. This answer, the spiritual fact which the divine Mind knows, is demonstrably in accord with both reason and revelation. Unquestioning acceptance of whatever is told to one is never commendable. As Mr. Thomas Nelson Page said in his address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Harvard University this year, "Accept no man's ipse dixit. Accept only as it commends itself to you, to your reason and to your instinct. Inform yourselves, but think for yourselves."

True instinct or impulse is, of course, the propulsion of perfect divine cause and not any supposedly physical reaction or innate propensity of a so-called human mind. The fact is that, since there is but one spiritual Mind producing all actual being, there is no human or mortal mind to have any propensities whatever. The supposition that a mortal mentality, counterfeiting the all-inclusive immortal Mind, could ever cause anything is absurd. There can never be more than all, and immortal Mind with its idea is proved in Christian Science to be all, leaving no possibility for an opposite. This true Mind is the source of the only real action, and allows no element of chance or mischance in the operation of its effect. The whole operation of Mind is neither supernatural nor mysterious in any way, but is altogether comprehensible in its rational order.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for blessings...
October 16, 1920

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