I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for blessings...

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for blessings received through the study of Christian Science. I did not take up Christian Science for physical healing but have had many benefits. It has enabled me to overcome fear, superstition, limitation, and a sense of heat in a tropical climate. Christian Science has been called the Science of right thinking, and what I am most grateful for is that it has enabled me to correct wrong thoughts, taught me how to hold to the good and reject evil. I have had many lessons to learn, but I am thankful that man has been made capable of resisting evil and of seeing God's children as they really are, perfect. When this is seen there remains no human bitterness, no resentment to impede further progress, no matter what the seeming wrong may be.

While my husband was on a business trip to Rhodesia he contracted fever and being a government official had to submit to medical treatment. Three physicians were consulted and did everything in their power, but in vain. His hearing, speech, and sight were all affected and he could not eat any solid food. I recommended taking him to a practitioner and he agreed. In one week he was absolutely normal and was able to eat anything, and in a very short time had regained his former weight. His hair began to fall out, which was supposed to be due to the fever; we worked to know the truth, however, and in a few months his hair was thicker than ever. We are most grateful for this demonstration, which proves to us the ever presence of divine Love.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I send my...
October 16, 1920

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