Two years ago in lifting some heavy machinery I felt...

Two years ago in lifting some heavy machinery I felt something snap in my spine. This was followed by intense pain in the back and head, which increased until, upon reaching home, I lost consciousness. I was found by my friends, lying on the floor of my room in a senseless condition and paralyzed on one side of my body. A doctor was summoned, but as his diagnosis did not satisfy my sister, another was called. The second gave no opinion as to the nature of the trouble but made preparations for my removal to a hospital for an X-ray examination and for consultation with a specialist. In consequence of my condition becoming very violent, however, it required four persons to hold me in bed, and no hospital in the city would admit me as a patient.

After four days of this a Christian Science friend of my sister called, and learning of my illness stayed for several hours. It was noticed that an improvement had taken place during this lady's visit and this led my sister to ask her to bring a Christian Science practitioner the next day. That night, however, was the most violent of any. No one in the house was able to rest and all were worn out with nursing me, so the following day they asked the doctor to try once more to get me removed to a hospital; but again their efforts were unsuccessful. A Christian Science practitioner was therefore called in, and after about an hour of silent treatment, my friends tell me, I began to calm down, the agony subsided, and I regained consciousness for a little while. After this I slept quietly and the next day my senses returned completely. The practitioner continued treatment and the paralyzed condition gradually vanished. In a week I was able to be out of bed and in two weeks was quite recovered. Within three weeks after the first Christian Science treatment I was perfectly well and playing football.

Testimony of Healing
About eight years ago I was led to Christian Science for...
January 3, 1920

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