Probably quite a few readers of the Post-Intelligencer...

Seattle (Wash.) Post-Intelligencer

Probably quite a few readers of the Post-Intelligencer have followed with interest the various articles which have appeared from time to time on church union, written by ministers of various denominations. Though students of church history and those skilled in Scriptural exegesis may have followed these lengthy, erudite discussions with interest and perhaps profit, it is difficult to see wherein anything has been accomplished toward the desired end. It seems instead that the rather bitter and uncharitable remarks which have crept into some of these articles have tended to widen the breach between the churches that are represented in the controversy.

It is not the purpose of this article to intrude upon or to enter into this discussion. Christian Scientists are willing to leave all arguments on subjects that separate denominations to those who are interested in them. Since, however, a clergyman in one of his articles took occasion to characterize Christian Science as an evanescent creed, and to repeat the oft repeated statement that it is neither Christian nor scientific, a reply is in order. Webster defines evanescent as, "On the point of vanishing; imperceptible; infinitesimal." Those who are familiar with the growth of Christian Science in the fifty years of its history, would not likely agree that the movement is "on the point of vanishing," "imperceptible," or "infinitesimal," for in that comparatively brief time this church, founded by Mrs. Eddy, has had a growth unparalleled by that of any other religious body; and while its teachings have been misunderstood and often ridiculed by many who think they offer service to God, yet its progress has been steady and unchecked.

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