After suffering eight years from spinal trouble which...

After suffering eight years from spinal trouble which seemed to affect every part of my body, I became discouraged and threw away all my medicines, which were many, saying that if I ever should get well it would be because God had healed me, for I would take no more medicine to prolong this miserable existence. Two years later a friend asked me why I did not try Christian Science, and not knowing that it was a religion, I decided to do so and sent for a practitioner.

A part of the Lesson-Sermon was read to me daily until I was able to read myself; but being a member of an orthodox church, I could not seem to accept its teaching. Many a time I was at the point of giving it up, when I would think it would not be just to Christian Science if I did not give it a fair trial, since I had tried materia medica so many years. One morning while I was pondering over the subject, something seemed to say that I must accept Christian Science as it is if I wanted to be healed. I thought for a long time and finally decided to do this and trust God that if it was not right He would reveal it to me and I would drop it instantly, as I would rather suffer all my life than accept a false doctrine. From that moment my condition began to improve. My recovery was very slow, but this made me a more earnest student of the truth, and the healing is complete. I am now enjoying better health than ever before.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
January 3, 1920

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