It was with no idea of obtaining physical healing that I...

It was with no idea of obtaining physical healing that I commenced to study Christian Science, but rather because I wanted light upon the teachings of the Bible. One of the first things that struck me was Mrs. Eddy's marvelous definition of God. Here was something I could lay hold of and grasp, and for the first time I saw how God, as Principle, could be omnipresent and His being understood. Gradually, as the reading of Science and Health progressed, the statements and teachings of our Master became illuminated, and very soon an opportunity of proving in my own experience the healing effect of this teaching came to me.

For some time I had been subjected every two months to the most severe attacks of internal pain. At first it seemed to be a bad form of stomach trouble, but later the attacks became so severe that the local doctor was called in. He said that a London specialist would operate at once for appendicitis, but in his opinion this might be avoided by the most careful dieting. My fear of the operation was such that I followed his advice with enthusiasm, but the attacks became worse than ever. About the time I was beginning to grasp something of the teachings of Christian Science another attack became due, but on this occasion I was able to bring to bear a very different mental outlook. I had become convinced, through what I was learning of Christian Science, that fear was at the bottom of the whole trouble, and was beginning to realize dimly that God is Spirit and man is His likeness, spiritual and not material. Instead of resigning myself to the prospect of impending pain, and waiting in agony of mind for it to develop, I resolutely endeavored to keep my thoughts away from the body and fill them with the new light of understanding. This attitude gave me hope and courage, and I am grateful to say the attack did not come, and has never returned to this day. The healing was complete, and in a short time other difficulties, such as stomach disorder and a mild form of skin trouble, were overcome also, and I was and am now perfectly well.

Christian Science has revolutionized my outlook upon life. I have learned that as a son of God my life is not the sport of chance and circumstance, but comes under the guidance and protection of divine Principle as I understandingly put my whole trust in God. During the war it was what I had learned of the all-power and activity of good and the consequent powerlessness of evil which gave me throughout many dark and difficult days, not a blind faith, but absolute confidence and trust in the triumph of that cause which approximated most nearly the good and right of Principle.

August 2, 1919

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