It had been a typical April day, with brilliant sunshine and dark clouds and showers at intervals. As the writer thought thereon the varying scenes seemed a reminder of the change that comes to each one of us as the spiritual creation dawns in consciousness. With the light and warmth of the sunshine, the flowers steadily unfold their petals, and the buds of the trees burst forth into leaf and blossom, each little leaf expressing beauty and tender grace in varying tints and delicate hues. Then the dark clouds gather, and the raindrops fall which freshen the tender shoots and give them drink. In a few moments the sun breaks through the passing clouds, and its glow of warmth and light brings to all nature a broader expansion and fuller manifestation of God's love.

Even so is it with the human experience. Awakening to a glorious glimpse of the truth of being, we rise in a degree from the earth or beliefs of materialism, and the realities of Spirit begin to appear. Sorrow is turned into joy, sickness into health, discord into harmony. Then comes the proof, or test. The clouds of error roll up, and the time has come to "prove all things; hold fast that which is good," as the apostle says. Here we may recall Mrs. Eddy's words on page ix of the Preface to her "Miscellaneous Writings," "To preserve a long course of years still and uniform, amid the uniform darkness of storm and cloud and tempest, requires strength from above,—deep draughts from the fount of divine Love." If darkness, doubt, fear, anxiety, and discouragement whisper their subtle suggestions that the attempted demonstration of Truth will end in failure, we must rise in the strength of Truth and Love to resist the evil suggestion that our problems and burdens are so much greater than those which other people seem to have,—and all the other arguments of the serpent that come to us.

Journeying to Damascus
May 3, 1919

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