In April, 1911, I found Christian Science, and as a little...

In April, 1911, I found Christian Science, and as a little expression of gratitude for the countless blessings it has poured out upon me every day since then, I am offering this free-will testimony. For twelve years, under the advice of the best physicians in many different states, I had been using many kinds of strong medicine several times a day. I am very grateful for the encouragement held out to me by many of the doctors, who were kind and honest and did their best to help me, for this is what held me together until I found Christian Science. Others, however, told me my days were numbered and the best that could be done was to give me temporary relief. My ailments were said to be chronic catarrh, rheumatism in the hips and shoulders, backache, liver and kidney trouble, seriously aggravated stomach disorder, chronic malaria and dizzy spells believed to go with it, periods of smothering from heart disease, chronic bowel trouble, badly impaired eyesight, and others too serious to be believed.

I did not want anything to do with what I thought Christian Science to be; but as everything else had failed, and I was told that "man's extremity is God's opportunity," I tried it as a last resort. For three years loving friends kept telling me that Christian Science would heal me, but I could not believe it; I thought it was "too good to be true." I had long since tossed the Bible aside, believing it full of contradictions and fairy tales at best. And how could I love a God who had sent such unbearable afflictions upon me? I was taught to believe in a fiery hell to come, and I knew I was in hell here. Surely not a happy prospect. Then they told me that Christian Science was based on the understanding of God and the Bible.

Testimony of Healing
Words cannot express my gratitude for Christian Science
May 3, 1919

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