The Lesson-Sermons

It is not necessary to take a referendum of Christian Scientists to prove that progress in spiritual understanding, and therefore in demonstrating the truth, has been and is concurrent with diligent and conscientious study of the Lesson-Sermons. The evidence of this in every field is sufficient to sustain the statement. If there are students who are not availing themselves of these Lessons to the extent they should, then they are losing a priceless opportunity of learning to know God and spiritual law, and how to apply that law in meeting daily needs.

Sometimes one hears of young students who, not having really tested the value of the Lessons, and misled in the first flush of the new light by a demonstration which seems to have opened up a royal road to further achievement, are beguiled into the belief that the importance of the Lesson-Sermon is just a little overdrawn. This error is, in the usual course, followed by others in order to give it support; as for instance, that the Lessons being metaphysical are difficult, and can only be mentally grasped by the advanced and prepared thought, and that some of the subjects, especially those dealing with animal magnetism in its varied forms, seem to have little relation to the simple and beautiful teaching of Christian Science with its emphasis on that which is lovely and of good report. Such criticisms are obviously the result of ignorance and crude thinking; and sometimes there is mental lethargy, even in the case of older students. It must never be forgotten, however, that the subjects were chosen by Mrs. Eddy herself, and that the scientific method of preparing the Lessons was initiated by her. That wisdom, prescience, and a remarkable insight into the needs of humanity were thus manifested, finds indubitable evidence in the healing "signs" that everywhere follow these impersonal Sermons. In this respect they are unique; they are, indeed, the nearest approach to the spiritual fruitfulness of the discourses of Christ Jesus and the apostles that humanity has received.

Effectual Prayer
September 28, 1918

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