The Lectures

Alton, Ill. (First Church).—Paul Stark Seeley, lecturer; introduced by the Rev. W. R. Holloway, pastor Unitarian Church, who said in part:—

If I might hazard an attempt at explaining some of the reasons why Christian Science has spread so rapidly, in the teeth of the countless attacks, mostly ignorant, that have been made upon it, I would say this: The chief reason is that Christian Science makes God real. God becomes an active force in human life; and that is a vital factor because for so many people God is unknowable. Christian Science practices the presence of God, as some one has phrased it. In the second place, this religion reconciles a man to himself. I mean by this that most human beings suffer from the sense of two irreconcilable sides to their nature. Christian Science heals the breach by putting all the weight and emphasis on the higher nature. This relieves the awful strain under which some people live, making them free to act. It gives them a feeling of wholeness, and that is the origin of the word holiness. In the third place, Christian Science makes the universe friendly by conferring a belief that "all things work together for good to them that love God." The world loses its terrors and becomes a real home, not, as it often seems, a wilderness of inhuman, wild forces. When I read the testimonies in the Christian Science publications, I find that gratitude is expressed more for these reasons than for physical healing, althought that is an adquate reason for thankfulness.

Testimony of Healing
I am happy to give my testimony of healing through...
September 28, 1918

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