I am happy to give my testimony of healing through...

I am happy to give my testimony of healing through Christian Science, for I was a sufferer from about every ill the flesh is heir to. For many years my eyes were very weak, but in 1915 they became so much worse that I had to stay for a time in the Ophthalmic Hospital. In spite of every care, however, I obtained no good result. The sight in the left eye was apparently lost. I left the hospital, but returned soon afterward to undergo an operation which had been decided upon, not to restore sight to the left eye, but to save what remained in the right eye, which was getting weaker every day. The operation was not successful, and I left the hospital as great a sufferer as ever and with the terrible prospect of going quite blind. Another operation awaited me, which was to take out the blind eye, for a growth had formed on it that made me suffer intensely.

It was then that I attended a Christian Science Wednesday evening meeting, after which I went to a practitioner for help. This was in June, 1917. The pain was at its worst, and I could hardly speak, for every sound I made was followed by terrible pains in my head. I did not think that treatment would heal me, but hoped to find in Christian Science enough courage to enable me to bear the second operation; however, from the first treatment an improvement was apparent. The inflammation abated, the pain lessened, the weak eye became stronger, and the healing of the eye which was considered hopeless occurred gradually. Now I see, and for some months have been as active as ever.

Testimony of Healing
After reading in the Sentinel of June 15 the editorial...
September 28, 1918

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