The Hall of Faith

The Morning Leader

If you are sick to death of the commonplace, if the debit and credit of life's "daily pit-a-pat" wearies you past endurance, if the modern world with its hard, matter-of-fact ways has "got on" your nerves, steer your course for the Marble Arch any Wednesday evening a few minutes before eight. Turn into Edgware Road, and take the first, the very first turning on your right. You will find yourself in Bryanston Street. Why? you will ask: a commonplace street enough, surely! Yes, but do you see there on the right a patch of light which streams in welcoming fashion out into the darkened street from a large doorway like that of a church? There is your haven!—make for it.

As you approach, carriages and cabs are rattling up, depositing their occupants in the patch of light, and disappearing as quickly into the shadow to make room for other vehicles. A ray-haired janitor, who has been eying you sympathetically, approaches and inquires whether you wish to attend the service. You confess that is your ambition, and he directs you to go up-stairs.

What is the Matter with the Church?
April 10, 1902

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