A Wonderful Case of Healing

About two years ago I was in a terrible state on account of drinking. I tried every way I knew to stop. When I retired I prayed that I might give up drinking, and in the morning I tried to keep away from it. I could hold out until about nine o'clock, and then I would shake so I could hardly hold myself together and felt so badly that I thought I would die. Then I would have to drink. I had drunk off and on for about forty-three years and for two years before April 25, 1899, I drank on an average more than a quart a day. At that time a friend who lived about thirty miles from me and who used occasionally to drink with me came to see me. I asked him to have a drink. He said he had stopped drinking. I asked him how he stopped; he said through Christian Science. I said, "Give me Christian Science quick; I want to stop." He replied, "I have come to ask you to go with me to a Christian Science lecture in Ames Memorial Hall in Salem by Rev. William P. McKenzie." I said, "You know I will go but I shall have to carry half a pint of whiskey with me. If I don't I shall faint in the cars." He said, "I don't care if you carry a pint, if you will only go."

I went, and during the lecture it seemed to me as though a great wave swept over me and I felt terribly. My friend said, "Hold on if you can; don't go out." Before the lecture was through I felt first rate and remarked to my friend, "Something has been at work on me. I don't know what." When I returned home I had plenty of whiskey in the house, but I had no desire to drink.

Testimony of Healing
Astigmatism and Other Troubles Healed
April 18, 1901

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