The Coming Revival

The Southwestern Advocate

There is much discussion now among the pastors and in the religious press about the great revival needed, prayed for, and expected. We have read with interest all we could find on the subject. We are surprised, however, to see how few seem to apprehend the real difficulties and the forces already at work that are, as we see it, to hasten and help it.

Of course every man seems queer to every other man, and every one thinks his opinions right. We may therefore be pardoned for thinking it strange that among so many writers of distinction, so few have seemed to take in the situation. A few months ago, we wrote three articles on "A Crisis in Methodism" that provoked considerable comment. In those articles we gave as three reasons for our decline that "we are growing too conservative," that "we are drifting away from the poor," that "this is an age of intellectual disturbances which have caused doubt, while no settled or well defined system has yet been produced that takes the place of the old in mind and conscience." We still hold these views; but we might have said more and now affirm that our present industrial system is un-Christian in the true sense, and that the masses feel that it is impossible to continue in business under sharp competition and live up to the Christian standard of religion.

The Christian Science Journal
February 21, 1901

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