A Denial

Buffalo Express

Editor Buffalo Express:—You quoted editorially in your issue of December 24 a statement appearing in a New York paper concerning Christian Scientists and Surrogate Fitzgerald. This false charge, that Christian Scientists are exerting mental influence to affect the decision of Judge Fitzgerald in the Brush will case, is an accusation common to the hypnotists and mental mal-practitioners in their arguments against Christian Scientists. Christian Scientists never enter another's thought uninvited, and then, never except to destroy sin or sickness. The conflict to-day is between two mental forces, the Christ Mind and the carnal mind, or hypnotism. In this instance, hypnotists are charging Christian Science with their own methods.

It is utterly untrue that a million Christian Scientists (or even one Christian Scientist) are exerting any mental influence upon Surrogate Fitzgerald or any person connected with the case. If the Surrogate is being treated, it is not by Christian Scientists. The statement that this alleged information was given by a Christian Scientist is, on its face, untrue, because a Christian Scientist would know that such practices are impossible in Christian Science, and the Surrogate has heard enough already from the testimony to show him that this is true. If he has not, it will be proved to him before the case is ended. Willard S. Mattox.

January 10, 1901

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