The word obedience is to me one of the most beautiful in the English language. In the allegory of Adam and Eve we find that through disobedience they lost Paradise, and coming on down through the ages we notice in the lives of the prophets and disciples that so long as they obeyed the first commandment—"Thou shalt have no other gods before me [Spirit];"—they were blessed by God, and prospered; but when, like Adam and Eve, they disobeyed and ate of the forbidden fruit, seeking wisdom through the material instead of the spiritual; and, like Solomon, seeking love through the material instead of the spiritual; disobeying the first commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me [Spirit];" and like Judas betraying the Master for worldly wealth; seeking wealth through the material instead of the spiritual, they lost that which they so earnestly desired. When we consider the lives of Elijah, and Paul, and many others who obeyed God to the utmost of their understanding, we see what good they achieved and what a grand example they have left for us all.

Through obedience I was saved from a life of total blindness. When I went to Christian Science for healing I had no faith in it, but faithfully did everything I was told to do, although it seemed to me then impossible that what my healer requested me to do should result in any good to myself.

Testimony of Healing
Tobacco and Liquor Habits Destroyed
September 27, 1900

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