Electric Railways

Electrical Review

With each succeeding year we approach nearer to the final electrification of the main line railway, and to-day we are very close to the happy era when the steam locomotive shall be no more in the thickly inhabited section of cities. It has been everywhere a tendency of population in this country to gather itself in large centres, and, as if by a re-action, subsequently to tend to spread into the region surrounding those centres, and while increasing in numerical total to decrease in density in city areas. In other words, the great suburban movement has begun, and this has called for classes of transit unknown twenty years ago, and has made demands upon all varieties of engineering for its improvement and perfection. It is still far from perfect.

In all quarters where great centres of population exist we hear accounts of the change of existing steam railways serving this suburban travel into eletric railways. During the next year a large and important installation of medium-class railways is to be made in New York City and its adjacent neighborhood. This variety of work can only be considered as a step in the direction of electric power for heavy railway uses.

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September 27, 1900

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