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Little Lennox Albert was born Wednesday, May 18, 1898, about a quarter to two in the morning. The Scientist who was treating me came about ten o'clock at night and stayed with me; and a nurse, who had given up her nursing under doctors for Christian Science, did all that was necessary. The old fear came upon me at the last, so I cannot say the birth was painless; it was more especially afterwards that the great difference between similar circumstances under materia medica was very apparent.

I had a comfortable night, and my husband was glad to find me sitting up in bed without support for breakfast next morning, very cheerful and saying how strong my back felt. I wrote a long letter to a friend at ten o'clock that morning, and heard my oldest boy do his reading as usual. Friday I got up after breakfast and washed and dressed myself without help; Saturday I walked into the nursery; Sunday wrote letters and did the service; Monday came down-stairs; went out in the garden that week and had friends to tea. On Whit Monday baby and I drove over to South Weald, three miles distant, to a lunch party given by the Scientist before going away. This may not seem a very wonderful demonstration compared to many in the Journal, but having had two children in the old thought, the difference was very striking to me. Before and after my other children were born I had suffered very much from constipation, but this was removed by treatment, and I had no trouble after baby was born so long as the Scientist treated me; afterwards self-treatment put me right. Before I knew of Christian Science, whilst nursing my other children, I was put on a most careful diet, and still the children suffered; this time I made no difference in my diet from the first, eating solids, salad, green vegetables, lemonade, currant cake, but it meant work to know that baby could not suffer thereby, and he did not.

A Prayer
July 6, 1899

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