We are told in Matthew, 13th chapter, 39th verse, that the harvest is the end of the world and that the reapers are the angels. Is not the generally accepted interpretation of this Scripture wholly material? The thought that this planet is to be suddenly destroyed is one tending to arouse fear in the individual, and it is associated with the sensational and superstitious teachings of certain sects to-day. How much better it is to read our Bible in the light of Christian Science and understand the passage to mean that the necessity is laid upon each and every one to spiritually interpret the Bible; thus bringing to an end the false, as the individual's thoughts and actions become leavened with Truth. The word that has persistently mocked our best efforts, still withholding that which the heart asked; the world that has beguiled us into sin and chained us cruelly; the world that has dealt out to us sickness, and pointed to naught but the grave, this world is to pass away.

Men are being emancipated to-day through the teachings of the Comforter—Christ-Truth—and the world that was made for Adam (we might more properly say by Adam) has no longer power to make these men sin, nor to make them sick, nor to kill them. Why? Because it has been proven false. And with the proof that it is false comes the key to unlock the treasures of Truth. We find in the teachings of the Comforter that man is spiritual and does not encounter these evils of materiality—sin and sickness. We readily perceive that the Scripture is true which says, "All things were made by him [God—Spirit]; and without him was not anything made that was made." Then, while we invite you, dear reader, to partake of the bountiful repast which the Father has prepared for us, we would ask, what has become of the erring world? It is the eternal purpose of Christianly Scientific laws that it come to an end. With its ending comes the harvest.

December 1, 1898

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