When Christian Science first came to me, I was suffering intense pain from what our family physician called a malignant cancer; he said also that it was deep-seated. My acquaintances advised me to try Christian Science, but as I had never before heard of it, I classed it with clairvoyance, and would have nothing to do with it for some time. Finally one day when my misery seemed unbearable, a friend sent word that the healer of whom she had told me was at her home and she (my friend) wished me to call and talk with her. I did not think any doctor could cure me, and I had planned to go to my old home in New York, and wait for the end. However, to please my friend, I called to see the healer. She kindly asked me what she could do for me. I felt sure she could not do anything, and was very impatient, for the pain was excruciating, so I abruptly asked if she could cure a cancer. Her reply was, "I never treat with a doubt." She talked with me a few minutes, and told me as much of the Truth as I was then able to comprehend. Her beautiful explanation of a few passages from the Bible, and the love with which she seemed to be filled, won me. I knew that Christian Science was neither clairvoyance nor anything else of which I had ever heard.

I felt impressed to take a treatment, and did so. A great weight was lifted during those few moments of silence. I somewhat reluctantly promised not to take any medicine for two weeks, and she continued the treatment. Long before the two weeks ended, I was healed, and every Scientist knows what became of the medicine. That was several years ago, and I have never had a return of a single symptom. My fear in that direction was entirely destroyed.

November 3, 1898

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