Hon. Nat Ward Fitz-Gerald, of Salt Lake City, gave a...

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Hon. Nat Ward Fitz-Gerald, of Salt Lake City, gave a history of his wonderful healing by Christian Science at the last Wednesday evening meeting in this city. Colonel FitzGerald was educated for the ministry, and preached about two years and became impressed with the belief that orthodox religion was ''sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal,'' or, to use his expression, the spirituality of the Church was lost to him. He was of the opinion that the Church which could not heal the sick was a fraud, and he became disgusted and threw up the ministry and became a devout believer in the doctrines of Mr. Ingersoll.

In this belief he remained for something like twenty years. He became very much afflicted and went to Southern California to obtain the benefit of the change of climate in order to regain his health. After arriving there he employed the best physician he could obtain, who, in consultation with others, decided that the Colonel, before he could recover, must be tabled, or in other words, be cut open. In order to ''build him up,'' as they term it, a private house was obtained where he might be cared for and nursed after going through the surgical operation. This family happened to be Christian Scientists, and there being but few other members of that society in the little town, the meetings were held in this house. The Colonel had his doors padded so as to prevent his even hearing anything from this, to him, hated sect. The doctors performed their operation, and gave out the encouraging report that it would take at least three months for him to be able to go around, but gave as their opinion that he never would recover. The day the operation was performed the Colonel lay in a stupor until near two o'clock in the afternoon, and when he became conscious, he heard the Christian Scientists holding their meeting in the next room, the padding of the doors, etc., not being sufficient to prevent. He said that from the first word he heard, his attention became riveted and interested in the subject, and the more he heard the more he wished to hear, until finally through this system he felt a radical change, and that God was healing him. Suffice it to say that the Colonel that afternoon was perfectly cured, and the next morning got up, dressed himself, and visited the doctors at their office.

When they saw him they were certain it was his disembodied spirit that had appeared to them.

Testimony of Healing
What a pleasant surprise it was to know that we could...
November 3, 1898

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