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Kids share: Favorite hymns

My favorite hymn is number 477, which starts out, “ Feed my lambs, tend my sheep” (Natalie Sleeth, Christian Science Hymnal, Hymns 430–603 ). I learned it in the Christian Science Sunday School, where I go with my sister and brother.

Kids share: Favorite hymns

I just finished second grade, and I go to the Christian Science Sunday School. I have a favorite hymn.

Prayer made a difference!

A   couple of summers ago, I went to a sleep-away summer camp, but I ended up staying for only a small part of it because I was scared and homesick. I’d never been away from home before, and I missed my family very much.

We found my dog!

My family and I were on holiday in the Australian bush, which has large fields of grasslands and forests. We were taking our dog Ginny for a walk.

My name is Jared. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A healing lesson … from my cowgirl boots?

My cowgirl boots were too tight! I tugged. I pulled.

The twenty-third Psalm brings healing

One night, I was watching television when a commercial advertising flu relief pills came on. Not very long after that, I began to feel sick with some of the symptoms the commercial had described.

A quick healing of my eye

I was giving my cat, Charlie, one of my killer hugs—which Charlie normally loves! Then my iPad fell off the counter and scared Charlie, who got up very quickly and leaped over the back of the chair. As he did, he accidentally scratched my eye.

What can prayer do? It can heal!

I want to tell you about the time I learned that prayer can heal.   When I was about six years old, there were these things on my knee.

My arm was totally healed

Once, I was playing outside with my grandparents’ horses. I was chasing Tryfan, the Welsh pony, and we were playing together.