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For Kids

How to fix a bad day

One Saturday my family went to our friends’ house to go on a hike and go boating. We had a great time.

Lost something? Don’t look. Listen.

When you lose something, how do you feel? Frustrated? Angry? That’s the way I used to feel. Especially if it was someone in my family who had lost something.

God is there to help

One Sunday morning I had a very bad toothache. My mom had taught me to pray to God when I have a problem.

Two healings at summer camp

Last summer, I made my yearly trip to a camp for Christian Scientists. I was excited to see my friends and to have fun, but during the first week, my right ankle began hurting.

Doing my chores … with God!

On Christmas morning when I was nine, I thought I’d been given the best present ever. It came in a very big box.

‘I felt God’s love comforting me’

I have been attending the Christian Science Sunday School in Chandigarh, India, since I was little. There I have learned about God and God’s goodness, and also about how to pray.

We helped with our church’s Christian Science lecture!

Our church, First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Beverly, Massachusetts, gave a Christian Science lecture at our town library. People come together to listen to a Christian Science lecture so they can understand more about Christian Science and its Founder, Mary Baker Eddy.

My prayer turned into a poem

One night I had an uncomfortable feeling inside me. It did not feel good, and I couldn’t get to sleep.

Learning about the Bible helped us!

We are two sisters and a brother, and we go to the Christian Science Sunday School. Every week, we read the Bible and learn about different stories and characters.

No more scary thoughts

I used to be scared of a lot of things. I was scared of going up the stairs at my school if no one was with me, and of going into the girls’ bathroom alone.