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God’s help when I needed it

Every Saturday I have horseback riding lessons. Currently I am riding a horse named Aya.

Love chases away the storm

It was a dark and stormy night. At least, that’s what my dog Raven thought!  It was nighttime.

The pain vanished

My sister and I were at my Grammy and Grampy’s house while my mom was out shopping. The four of us were having lots of fun.

Hiding under my bed—and finding God

I   was hiding under my bed … again. It felt safe.

Kids share: Favorite hymns

My favorite hymn is number 477, which starts out, “ Feed my lambs, tend my sheep” (Natalie Sleeth, Christian Science Hymnal, Hymns 430–603 ). I learned it in the Christian Science Sunday School, where I go with my sister and brother.

Kids share: Favorite hymns

I just finished second grade, and I go to the Christian Science Sunday School. I have a favorite hymn.

Prayer made a difference!

A   couple of summers ago, I went to a sleep-away summer camp, but I ended up staying for only a small part of it because I was scared and homesick. I’d never been away from home before, and I missed my family very much.

We found my dog!

My family and I were on holiday in the Australian bush, which has large fields of grasslands and forests. We were taking our dog Ginny for a walk.

My name is Jared. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A healing lesson … from my cowgirl boots?

My cowgirl boots were too tight! I tugged. I pulled.