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Throw away those ‘trash-can thoughts’

One day at Sunday School my stomach was really hurting. At the beginning, I was only thinking bad thoughts about how much it hurt.

‘You’re safe’

My friend and I were camping with her family in the desert, and we were having the best time. During the day, we got to ride dirt bikes around a dry lake bed.

When I was roasting marshmallows

One night my family was roasting marshmallows, and I put my stick with the marshmallow on the end into the fire, because I wanted my marshmallow to burn. I like it like that.

I was all better!

During the ride to church one Sunday I got a stomachache. When we got to church, I felt like throwing up, so Mommy and I stayed in the bathroom instead of going into Sunday School.

God’s angels come at Christmas—and every day!

Angels! At Christmas they are everywhere. On Christmas cards, in store windows, and even in the carols we sing.

When my dog ran away

It was smoky in our house because we were cooking dinner. We opened the garage door to air the house out, and our family dog, Sobaka, ran off through the open garage door.

‘I am safe in God’

My mum just found a testimony that I wrote when I was a child, and I wanted to share it. This healing still means so much to me.

Prayer for my goat

Hi! I’m Dasha. I own a goat named Belladonna (Bella for short).

Abby, the no-fear horse!

Abby was just a little horse. She was scared of almost everything!  She was afraid of blowing leaves and trash.

Be a clear transparency

What do these words mean? transparency: something clear like glass that light can shine through. dismayed: without courage.