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For Kids

A psalm for you

To listen and sing along to this song visit christianscience. com/a-psalm-for-you.

Just like your Father

Did you know that you’re just like your Father? I don’t mean you’re just like the man you call Daddy or Dad. But like God—your real Father—as it says in the Bible.


You probably know there are seven days in a week. But did you know that every day of the week you can learn more about God?  God has many names.

A quick healing at camp

One summer, I went to a camp that I love for Christian Scientists. One day, my cabin mates and I went to the cabin next door.

Catching light

Catching fireflies was part of the fun of summer for my brothers and me. With a big jar at the ready, we’d run through the night with a net, gently capturing the brightly glowing insects.

Let’s help the world by living the Golden Rule

Something we’ve been talking about a lot in our house is how to help when we see unfair treatment. Maybe you’ve felt treated unfairly before—like by an older brother or sister.

Always included

Last year, in July I spent a few days in the United States at a camp for young Christian Scientists. I went with a group of Christian Science Sunday School students from my city, Rio de Janeiro, and from other Brazilian states, such as São Paulo and Acre, and three adult companions, also from Brazil.

My thumb was perfect

Last year was my first summer at a camp for Christian Scientists in Maine. I was enjoying all the activities and learning new skills, like sailing and archery.

Finding God at camp

Camp hymn sing! What could be better? I was there with my friend, who was playing the music for the hymn sing. So I sat way up front on a long bench by the piano.

I was at summer camp, and for the first time in my life, I had an opportunity to pray for myself without anyone else’s help.   One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and was awake for about an hour because I wasn’t feeling well.