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For Kids

No more scary thoughts

I used to be scared of a lot of things. I was scared of going up the stairs at my school if no one was with me, and of going into the girls’ bathroom alone.

Listen for your Shepherd

Spring is here! The flowers are peeking out of the ground. The birds are singing.

A healing at summer camp

Last summer I went to America to attend a summer camp for Christian Scientists. While I was there, my throat got swollen during the night, and it really hurt to breathe.

The light of Love fills all space

One evening when I was lying in bed in the dark, I suddenly felt a strong pressure on my ribs. I didn’t know what it was, but I immediately reached for my Christian Science Hymnal, because I always get many inspiring thoughts from it.

I remembered that I could pray

I was doing my hair one night, when suddenly my neck felt funny, and it seemed like I might have hurt it. At first I thought it was just a cramp, but as the night went on I felt more and more pain.

How a bully became a friend

Diane was a bully. Most of the kids were terrified of her.

100 percent healed

One day in ballet class I hurt my spine and my chest a bit when I tumbled forward. My daddy called a Christian Science practitioner to help me have a healing through prayer.

A good idea from God

When Dwayne was little, one of his favorite things to do was spend time with his shovels, toys, and trucks in his wooden sandbox. It was fun to make roads and move the sand around.

No more bad dreams

I used to have not-nice dreams, and I was scared to go to sleep at night. But then I started listening more to God.

Welcome the Prince of Peace

We were all having fun … or so it seemed!  It was a couple of days before Christmas, and the house was full of relatives. We were playing games, and everyone was getting silly.