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Safe in Love’s armor

My friends and I were walking to class when a boy began to yell at me. Mean things poured out of his mouth.

My healing from reading Science and Health

One year ago, when I was eight years old, my awesome mom encouraged me to read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. I knew this book from going to the Christian Science Sunday School, but I had never read it all the way through.

Win or lose—love!

Imagine you’re playing a board game with your sister or brother and your parents. You’re doing pretty well and everyone is laughing and having fun.

‘Cold is for ice cream’

Since I was five I have regularly attended the Christian Science Sunday School. I love the way Sunday School teachers help us to understand our relationship to God and to know God’s care for us.

The best Christmas gift

It was the day before Christmas vacation! Yay! After the spelling test, our class was going to have a holiday party with treats, fun activities, and moms coming in to help. Then two weeks off from school! This had to be one of my favorite days of the year.

Christmas every day

It was the dirtiest, skinniest, scaredest cat I’d ever seen. And what did I say when I first saw it? “Oh no! Not now!”  I had rescued puppies and kittens before, but not now! Christmas was almost here, and I had way too much to do.

Stuck with a bad habit? Not me!

My fingernails looked awful! Biting them was a bad habit. Bad habits can be hard to break.

The ultimate comfort

Lying on her bed in a state of despair, this author wanted comfort. What she got was so much more.

Echo and the bees

My dog, Echo, is black with a little white stripe down his nose and floppy ears. He has lots of energy and is always ready to play.

I heard God!

We were going on a canoeing and caving trip! I was excited for another fun activity at the summer camp for Christian Scientists where I was spending several weeks.   For the trip, I wore a pair of thick blue jeans over my swim trunks.