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‘Just because’ prayers

Have you ever told someone in your family that you love them? Not because you want Dad to scoop you out some more ice cream, or because you want Mom to like you more than she likes your little brother. You say, “I love you,” just because you feel it and you want the people you love to know.

God is powerful!

I live in Minnesota, where hockey is king! One day, on a Monday, I had a bad cough, but I could not imagine skipping hockey in the evening.   On Tuesday, though, my mom said, “Maybe you should miss school today.

Emmie’s healing

Our family has two cats. One is named Emmie.

Safe at recess

I didn’t like the game that the boys in my class were playing at recess, because they tried to catch us girls and “lock us up. ” But I didn’t know the right words to tell them to stop, because we had just moved to the French-speaking part of Switzerland and I didn’t speak French yet.

In perfect focus

A lot of cameras have something called autofocus. When you point the camera at an object, the camera automatically brings a fuzzy image into clear view.

I knew that God was with me

One morning before school, my mom dropped me off at my grandmother’s. I noticed that I had a scratchy voice and a sore throat.

Seeing the perfect me

When I was in elementary school, I had to wear a uniform. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I woke up and put on that uniform: white shirt, plaid skirt, brown shoes with laces.

God’s truth washes away pain

My family and I traveled to Florida for a Thanksgiving vacation near the beach. On Thanksgiving Day we went to the beach for the whole morning.

I kept trusting God

It was my first big-girl bike. And it was my favorite color: blue.

I sang my prayer

I go to the Christian Science Sunday School. In Sunday School, we learn about God and we read Bible stories and talk about them.