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For Kids

How a bully became a friend

Diane was a bully. Most of the kids were terrified of her.

100 percent healed

One day in ballet class I hurt my spine and my chest a bit when I tumbled forward. My daddy called a Christian Science practitioner to help me have a healing through prayer.

A good idea from God

When Dwayne was little, one of his favorite things to do was spend time with his shovels, toys, and trucks in his wooden sandbox. It was fun to make roads and move the sand around.

No more bad dreams

I used to have not-nice dreams, and I was scared to go to sleep at night. But then I started listening more to God.

Welcome the Prince of Peace

We were all having fun … or so it seemed!  It was a couple of days before Christmas, and the house was full of relatives. We were playing games, and everyone was getting silly.

Always in God’s care

My best friend Nancy and I loved to climb trees. There was a special tree at her house that we liked the best.

Favorite Bible characters

My favorite Bible character is Daniel, because he was safe in the lions’ den after a king put him in there (see Daniel, chap. 6 ).

Prayer stopped the bullying

I’ve played ice hockey for the last seven years. Last fall, I joined a new team.

Walking home from school with God

Do you ever walk to school? I did every day when I was in kindergarten. Sun, rain, or snow, I walked the five blocks to the old, red brick building that was my school.

God’s help when I needed it

Every Saturday I have horseback riding lessons. Currently I am riding a horse named Aya.