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For Kids

Learning how to forgive

One day, I had a play date with my best friend and a girl her family was fostering. They came to my house, and we were playing with my dolls.

Love is taking care of you

Juniper and Amanda lived in the mountains. One winter day when they were playing outside, they found a little mouse lying on the ground.

Our Christian Science Sunday School class has been talking about the synonyms for God. A synonym is another name for God.

Which thoughts are God’s thoughts?

Every moment of every day we each have lots of thoughts. Nice thoughts that make us feel happy and loved.

A cozy talk with God

Snow was falling outside the window. It was Christmas Day.

A very fast healing

This summer, when I was at my grandma and grandpa’s house, I had a very fast healing.   Mommy was helping me get dressed, and she accidentally scratched one of my fingers with her long fingernail.

Don’t be fooled

If you’ve ever been to the desert, you may have seen what looks like water on the ground in the distance—even though there isn’t any water there. This is a mirage.

When I was nervous about going to camp

This past summer I went to a two-week sleep-away camp all by myself for the first time. It takes a full day of driving to get from my house to the camp, so the day before, my mom and I drove to a town near the camp.

Do you know how big God is?

I first learned about God in the Christian Science Sunday School. I learned that God fills all space.

Love that’s bigger than the ocean

My favorite name for God is Love. If you look in the book of First John in the Bible, you can find where it says, “God is love” ( 4:8 ).