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‘I am safe in God’

My mum just found a testimony that I wrote when I was a child, and I wanted to share it. This healing still means so much to me.

Prayer for my goat

Hi! I’m Dasha. I own a goat named Belladonna (Bella for short).

Abby, the no-fear horse!

Abby was just a little horse. She was scared of almost everything!  She was afraid of blowing leaves and trash.

Be a clear transparency

What do these words mean? transparency: something clear like glass that light can shine through. dismayed: without courage.

'Everything about me is beautiful!’

I had these bumps on my hand and I didn’t know what they were. I asked my dad what they were and he said they were warts.

I could take my test

The night before my final exam, I went to my friend’s house to see his parrot. I was so happy to see the bird that I could not stop myself from touching it.

On the day of the talent show

It was the day of the talent show. I was at recess when I bumped my head on a pole at the playground.

Prayer stopped the fighting

My three brothers and I were stuck. Them against me.

Scared of bugs? Not anymore!

It was a warm and sunny day. We had just set up our pool, and we were so excited to swim.

How big is God’s love?

When William goes to visit his grandma, Omi, they take a train journey together. Omi travels to the station of William’s hometown, where William and his dad meet her.